Saturday, February 19, 2011

Take A Look Through My Eyes

You once asked me to do something for you,
but little did I know that it was easier said than done.
True to my word, I give it my best.
My words sound better in my head than out in the open,
thus I usually come across as a silent person;
speaking little and seeing much.
If you were to ask me what it is I see,
I would not be able to answer right away.
I feel my answers more easily than I say them.
If it were possible, I would tell you to take a look through my eyes,
and see the things I see.

I see strength and resilience,
hidden beneath a smile that is eager to be seen.
I see a desire to brighten a person's day;
Laughter and joy shared among friends.
I see someone who enjoys the brighter side of life.
I see someone who can bring out the best in others,
even, and most especially, when that person
cannot see it within themselves.
I also see a person willing to stand up for their beliefs.
I cannot see the things you fear;
the things you dread may come to pass.
That tells me you are courageous and brave.

All these things - these traits, these qualities -
They are all admirable.
I do not know what sort of things life will throw your way,
or how you will deal with the,
but I do know that it will be a tale worth telling.
Hold fast to who you are,
and remember what it was like to look through my eyes.

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